It is essential that every rancher provides good health and well-being conditions to the herd. And the requirement applies not only in the sense of controlling or preventing diseases on the property, but also in the sense of achieving the total quality of meat and leather produced on the farm.

The measures related to the maintenance of the health of the animals include vaccinations, for example against foot-and-mouth disease and the control of internal and external parasites. According to Embrapa, the presence of endo and ectoparasites represents an annual loss of US$ 18 billion per year.

In this context, accounting reveals that worms are responsible for a loss of 35.2%, followed by berne, which accounts for 22.22% of losses. On the other hand, the horn fly and the stable fly, together, represent an impact of more than 16.66% per year. Last but not least, the tick represents 21.98% per year of damage to beef and milk production.